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In order to determine the precise cause of your problem, Dr. Eileen will  begin with a case history.  This will give her more insight and background  information about your current condition as well as your past medical history.  This is also a great time for you to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

After reviewing your history and discussing your specific condition(s), a thorough orthopedic, neurological, and chiropractic examination will be performed.  If necessary, Dr. Eileen may refer you for X-rays,other testing or to another professional to co-manage your care. 

Following  the examination, Dr.Eileen will explain her findings and discuss which of the services we provide would be best suited to address your condition.  If she feels that your case would be more appropriately managed by another health care provider she will refer you to that specialist.  

Care on the first visit will depend upon the specifics of your condition.  Dr. Eileen will determine a care plan so that you can reach your health goals and begin living life to the fullest.  Dr. Eileen always includes self care advice, so you will play active role in your progress.   

Re-examinations will also take place every few weeks to monitor your progress and/or make any adjustments to the current treatment protocol in place.

Please allow sixty minutes for the first chiropractic visit.